#ALTIBA9 / 14.09 - 06.10.2019


National Modern Art Museum of Algeria MAMA

المتحف الوطني للفن الحديث و المعاصر للجزائر

Main Exhibition 14th September 2019

EXHIBITION - 7th EDITION - الطبعة السابعة

Modern Art Museum of Algiers MAMA

25 Larbi Ben M’hidi, 16002 Alger, Algeria

The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Algiers, affectionately known as the MAMA, is one of the most beautiful cultural achievements since the Independence of Algeria. It was inaugurated on December 1st, 2007 by Mrs. Khalida TOUMI, Minister of Culture, for the event "Algiers, Capital of Arab Culture". Built between 1901 and 1909, this majestic five-storey building is one of the jewels of neo-Moorish architecture. 

يعد المتحف الوطني للفن الحديث والمعاصر في الجزائر العاصمة ، المعروف باسم ماما، واحدًا من أجمل الإنجازات الثقافية منذ استقلال الجزائر. تم افتتاحه في 1 ديسمبر 2007 من قبل السيدة خليدة تومي ، وزيرة الثقافة ، لحضور "الجزائر عاصمة الثقافة العربية". بني هذا المبنى الفخم المكون من خمسة طوابق بين عامي 1901 و 1909 ، وهو أحد جواهر العمارة المغاربية الجديدة.

Al-Tiba9 hosts its 7th edition show in Algiers by a shared interest in the importance of the intersections between the Arab world and the western in the field of visual arts, performance and fashion design. The exhibition features 23 internationally established artists and art studios with works on the theme of light as manifistation of energy, paradox and the reconciliation of opposites. It also features selected emerging artists to introduce them to a wider global art scene around the world.

يستضيف "الطباق" معرضه السابع في الجزائر من خلال الاهتمام بأهمية التقاطعات المشتركة بين العالم العربي والغربي في مجال الفنون البصرية, الأداء وتصميم الأزياء. يضم المعرض 23 فنانًا واستوديوهات فنية فنيًا عالميًا مع أعمال حول موضوع الضوء كدليل على الطاقة و المعرفة. كما يضم فنانين ناشئين لتقديمهم الى منصة الفن العالمي








Exclusive press conference powered by The CIP International Press Center of Algeria revealing thaughts behind the 7th edition curatorial, choice of the artists and the its worldwide cultural network.

06:30pm Vernissage of the main exhibition garthing 23 artists from around the world 2000m2 exhibition space at MAMA Modern Art Museum of Algeria curated by Mohamed Benhadj.

3:00pm Meet up with our artists around a talk covering topics such as the social-political and cultural factors which influence contemporary art today and its importance in the Arab world.




WORKSHOPS Light & Sculpture




ACFW is a weekend of Fashion like no other! Blending contemporary fashion and performance with independent high profile designers, it is a weekend of performing runway shows and performing live.




Phil Akashi

Zoulikha Bouabdellah

Chris Wood

Amirah Sackett

Fabrizio Corneli

Basmah Falemban

Dimitris Dokos

Mounir Fatmi

Yazid Kheloufi

Alessandro Lupi

Fabrizio Milani

Mohamed Benhadj

Massimiliano Moro

Maxim Zhestkov Studio

Shahab Naseri

Luca Rossini

Sara Sambola


Farah Hourani

Katarzyna Dworecka

curator circil pic.png

Mohamed Benhadj


Al-Tiba9 Algiers 2019 / STATEMENT

Transgression allows the liberation of the creative energies whose agent is the human. This power of act has been theorized by several thinkers of the Eastern and Western world. This logic of action is introduced only by the understanding ot notion of the different levels of reality. It is a logic of complexity, freedom and transgression, which intermediates the image between here and there, between body and soul, between visible and invisible.

The greatest Sufis theorists explain that we must see and understand the contradictions and tensions contained in names. It is necessary that the word joins the thing and to perceive the different levels of reality which compose it. It would be a transgression to overcome the limit of the present, to go beyond appearances, to access the hidden reality, the light of the intellect. These levels are the degrees of hierarchy of the being. According to the mystic sufi poet, Rumi, the love for god can be reached by seeing creation as god’s divine power and a divine expression. The universe speaks to us by whisperers and signs, therefore, one needs to observe and think about it to reach the “Ishq عشق” (love) of god. The further we move away from the center, from the faith, the more contradictions and paradox emerge. "We are not going East and West, but rather we are constantly traveling to the Sun" Rumi says.

And in the verse: "And to Allah belongs the east and the west. So wherever you [might] turn, there is the Face of Allah. Indeed, Allah is all-Encompassing and Knowing.” (115) Al-Baqarah, Qoran.

This seventh edition of Al-Tiba9 focuses on light as a manifestation of energy, a principle that makes it possible to reach the phenomenological world, an element of knowledge by getting closer to the center and reach these levels of reality. This transgressive show emerges between lights and shadows, from here and there, reaching for profound hope but staying rooted in reality. These physical, metaphysical and spiritual oxymorons are meeting again this year in the Museum of Modern Art of Algiers (MAMA) featuring internationally established and emerging artists from around the globe.

Statement (Français)



Photo by Team Peter Stigter

Photo by Team Peter Stigter

ACFW Contemporary Fashion Weekend Alger 2019

18:00H VIP Reception & Photocall Shooting
18:30H Public Reception

19:00H Farah Hourani - Fashion Runway
19:15H Mindless - Fashion Runway (Collection 1)

19:40H Coffee Break
20:00H Mindless - Fashion Runway (Collection 2)

20:20H Amirah Sackett - Dance Performance
20:40H Mohamed Benhadj - Performance Runway

21:00H Speech