Mo' Mohamed Benhadj (Algeria)

Performace Art

(Algeria 1986) Live in Barcelona since 2014, he works in Algiers and Barcelona.

Mohamed has followed a long course of study in graphic art and design in Algiers, intergrated Metàfora international workshop and art therapy in Barcelona for a high graduation in contemporary art discipline.

He began his artistic career by a solo exhibition in May 2011 and in a Dutch art gallery in Leiden. Afterward he makes collective exhibitions in Barcelona and Amsterdam long of 2011 and 2012.
From begin 2012, he performed live at first in Algeria and created, together;  "Collectif Asswad" with his collective artist Mazia Djad many artistic projects treating the society as subject.

Actually curating Al-Tiba9 project for its 6th edition in Algiers and Barcelona, an International Contemporary art event, inviting artists and galleries from Algeria and worldwide hosted by well known museums in Algiers from them Bardo National Museum.

His work has been Selected as finalist in Performance Art section at Arte Laguna Prize 14.15 and performed live in Arsenale Venice in March 2015. from there, his work gets into many events and museums such as Bardo National Museum in Algiers Algeria, CICA Museum of contemporary Art in Seoul South Korea, The New Museum of Netwerked art in Kolen Germany, Morphos festival Plazzo Alberizzi in Venice Italy, Mira Digital Arts Festival in Barcelona Spain and participated in many International solidarity Events with Syrian refugees in Czech Republic, Greece, Germany and Italy.





Mo' Mohamed Benhadj - Reverence

Mo' Mohamed Benhadj - Reverence

Mo' Mohamed Benhadj - Reverence performance art

Performance art (Live)

« I see the best and I do the worst » Ovide.
The human condition is complex. The being is alone with his multiple nature, overwhelmed by desires, emotions and passions, has an eagerness to know the possible dimensions of his being, shared between Sacred and Profane - Original Contradiction -.
How to achieve the union between freedom and constraint of the world? How to anchor me in the center of myself?
This chimera inside me will have "Reason" of the "Me", or my soul like a bird, may reach another reality?
This work is the research: This spiritual equation, leave the split space: Achieving the Ultimate "Reverence" in the face of life reaching all.


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