OPENING CEREMONY 10.06.2017, 20:30H

UPF Campus de la Ciutadella, POMPEU FABRA, C/RAMON TRIAS FARGAS, 25-27 08025 BCN

Al-Tiba9 BARCELONA 2017

5th Edition

International Exhibition of Contemporary Art & Performance

المعرض الدولي للفن المعاصر - الطبعة الخامسة


The transgression thus implies the capacity of the man who has to act in good conscience. This power to act was theorizes by several thinkers of the oriental world. The East here set in the broad sense. This logic of the action is the one of the third - introduced and understood by the thought that by the notion of the various levels of reality. It is a logic of complexity and freedom. We can explain the third - inclu and its complexity as this: when a phenomenon occurs, becomes updated, he passed from a potential state to a current state but an opposite event the one who did not become updated is potentiality that is he exists in the updated phenomenon. There is thus relativity, a contradiction to be perceived, to be understood and to be exceeded it is the third term which allows this overtaking, to reach another level of reality because it is there that this one is.

Ibn Arabi explains us that it is necessary to see and to understand the contradictions and the tensions contained in names. The word has to join the thing. It is necessary to consider the phenomenon differently, to perceive the various levels of reality which makes him, to go beyond the misleading appearances, to reach the veiled reality, somewhere else, according to the personal capacity, to activate the lumiére of the intellect.


EXHIBITION - Fifth Edition

UPF - Campus de la Ciutadella Pompeu Fabra
Carrer de Ramón Trias Fargas, 25-27, 08005 Barcelona

BUS V27, V21, H16, 92, 36

Art works on view from painting, sculpture, installation, 
photographic art, video & net art and performance art


EXPOSICIÓN - Quinta Edición

UPF - Campus de la Ciutadella Pompeu Fabra
Carrer de Ramón Trias Fargas, 25-27, 08005 Barcelona

BUS V27, V21, H16, 92, 36

Las obras en exposicion son pintura, escultura, Instalación, fotográfia, video & net art y performance. 

Event Calendar

The Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art hosts a launch event in Barcelona by a shared interest in the importance of the intersections between art and society. The show features 22 international artists with works on the themes of transgression, paradox and the reconciliation of opposites.


Opening ceremony

Saturday June 10th, 08:30 PM

The Arab International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Al-Tiba9, brought to you by Arab curators from Algeria.

This art event takes This fifth edition is a live exhibition, with artworks on view from the fields of site-specific installation, sculpture, photography, paintings, video and  virtual art.

live performance.png

live performances

Saturday June 10th, 09:30 PM

Performance selected works will be performed live during the Opening Ceremony. 

Performances made by one or more artists, using different techniques, expressive forms and with the use of diffirent support materials.

Skall - h21.50 / France
Mo' Mohamed Benhadj - h22.15 / Algeria
Sasha Frolova - h22.40 / Russia


digital music & cocktail

Saturday June 10th, 11:00 PM

Enjoy 1h30 of Digital & Experimental music, crossing borders from Arab background to Western electronic. 

Premium drinks will be served during the cocktail reception brought to you by our best and selective VIP brands in the market.

All flavours are obtained from the most select grape varieties and the secret blends of herbs and spices.



Mahsa Ali Khani / Iran

Mazia Djab / Algeria

Mizo / Algeria

Mounir Fatmi / Morocco

Pauline Fabry / Germany

Faraz Habiballahian / Iran

Jz Aamir / Dubai - Pakistan

Luca Rossini / Italy


Abdou Cheref / Algeria

Dimitris Dokos / Greece

Zoi Pappa / Greece

Sculpture and Installation

Fabrizio Corneli / Italy

Mounir Fatmi / Morocco

Sasha Frolova / Russia

Mia Pearlman & Albert Marquès / USA

Live Performance

Mo' Mohamed Benhadj / Algeria

Sasha Frolova / Russia

Skall / France 

Video Art

Karou Calamy / Iran - Norway

Purple Moustacho / Mexico - Australia

Virtual Art

Sophia Becker & Nathan Swedlow / USA

Mark Cypher / Australia

Live Performances

Skall (France) - Mo' Mohamed Benhadj (Algeria) - Sasha Frolova (Russia)


Skall (France)                                Untitled

SKALL likes to make these practices permeable, his performance borrows certain elements from his sculptures and ephemeral installation devices are often the scene of his performances. He then transforms himself into a cloud, a bird of paradise, or a fauna dressed with raw chicken slippers, his head covered with branches or feathers ...

We understand that he is at the head of a universe from which he delivers, each public appearance, that some quick glimpses, but of which it controls coherence and unity. SKALL is himself the most convincing of his creations


Mo' Mohamed Benhadj (Algeria) Reverence

"I see the best and I make the worst
The human condition is complex. The being is alone with his multiple nature, overwhelmed by desires, emotions and passions, has an eagerness to know the possible dimensions of his being, shared between Sacred and Profane -Original Contradiction-.
How to achieve the union between freedom and constraint of the world? How to anchor me in the center of myself?
This chimera inside me will have "Reason" of the "Me", or my soul like a bird, may reach another reality?
This work is the research: This spiritual equation, leave the split space:  Achieving the Ultimate "Reverence" in the face of life reaching all.


Sasha Frolova (Russia)          Aquaaerobika

Aquaaerobika is a project synthesizing art-performance and electronic music.
Electro-pop, 8bit, disco-house music and futuristic inflatable costumes from latex are mixed in a vivid spectacular pop-art show. Dancers in avant-garde Bauhas-style costumes with huge inflatable decorations and objects look rather like a live sculptures and turn the whole show in one moving sculpture.

Aquaaerobika's author is Moscow based artist - Sasha Frolova. She presents herself in the show as a virtual singer, animated style character of universal superwoman from the future with ultra-abilities. The plot of the show is an endless travel through parallel worlds of future.



Venue Exhibition