Skall (France)

Performance Art

French contemporary artist, Skall has been active since the 80ies in Europe and abroad. He evolves in a world of Baroque hybrid figures and objects, juggling between sculpture, ready made, performance and photography. A kitsch and nevertheless sophisticated poetry haunts his precious object compositions, while his performances, elaborated with found objects which he uses to morph his body, are sometimes pushed to the very limits of the bearable.

His photography could be considered the essence of his work, in which we find the performance and the object. Each self-portrait is a splendorous metamorphosis connecting the natural and artificial, the precious and the banal, the traditional folk and the mass-produced.





Skall - Live performing / Mounir Fatmi - Walking on the light

Skall - Live performing

Untitled - Live performance

SKALL likes to make these practices permeable, his performance borrows certain elements from his sculptures and ephemeral installation devices are often the scene of his performances. He then transforms himself into a cloud, a bird of paradise, or a fauna dressed with raw chicken slippers, his head covered with branches or feathers ...

We understand that he is at the head of a universe from which he delivers, each public appearance, that some quick glimpses, but of which it controls coherence and unity. SKALL is himself the most convincing of his creations.

Main exhibition

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