Press Pass - 7th edition Al-Tiba9 Algiers 2019


Complete this form to request a press pass to ACFW Barcelona 2018. Press passes are limited, and not all requests will be granted. Press passes are garented only to working photographers and journalists who intend to cover the event. if your request for a press pass is approved, you will receive an email message from us within a week.

Press Credentials

Press / Photographer & Videographer / Blogger Registration

In an effort to streamline our registration process for media, we will only be credentialing photographers and videographers. 

  • For all photographers and videographers: If you’d like to apply for a ACFW: The Shows credential, please click the "REQUEST A PASS" button below and complete your application. Please note we cannot approve applications without a headshot attached. Should your application be approved, you will receive a show schedule and personal media pass. Please note that the deadline to submit your credential application is Wednesday, September 11th, 2019.


  • For all NON-photographers/videographers: If you’d like access to ACFW: The Shows are NOT covering as a photographer or videographer, please email with your name, contact info, place of work and job title/role and we’ll add you to our press list for consideration. Once you submit your information, you will not receive a reply unless you are selected to attend a show/event. Please note that the deadline to submit your information via email for consideration is Wednesday, September 11th, 2019.

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FAQs for Members of the Press

Press Credentials will NOT be issued on the day of the event.

Media Credential will be held at MAMA Museum Entry for Pick-up on day of event 14th September 2019 at 17:00H.

All approved Media personnel MUST check-in with Site Coordinator upon entry to facility- located at Media Corner on-site.

Media personnel MUST check-in with on-site Media Operator upon entry:

666349554 / 692 277 770 / 693 287 525                      




Al-Tiba9 has exclusive event photo and video agreements. No other person may sell or give-away photos and/or videos; including printed, online or social media images.

Preference is given to photographers with “professional grade” equipment and significant experience shooting Fashion Shows and Contemporary Art events, and photographers associated with credentialed media.

Internet sites will only be considered if they cover ACFW on a regular basis and are consistently updated with news and features. Websites must be free from profanity and offensive language.

High resolution images may be printed or posted online only if they are included with comprehensive editorial. Any other website or social media images posted online may NOT exceed 800 pixels in size.

Al-Tiba9 will request specific event images which must be provided in high resolution digital form no later than 5 days following the event. We may request at anytime a copy of any print material that contains your event photography. Provided images should NOT be watermarked, and proper photo credit will be given if used.

The issue of restricted area and/or Backstage is not transferable and must be work in runway focused view at all times. Your photo credentials badge is not transferable; you may not give or loan your photo credentials badge to another person for any reason.

The official release of liability must be signed to receive a restricted photo/video access.

Each Venue (Exhibition space, Welcome Area, Runway, and Backstage) has specific approved Photo/video designated areas. Photographers are not permitted in the “Runway” Zones or in the Backstage during the show at ANY time.

All Photographers MUST act professionally at all times, refrain from interfering with the show and follow all instructions given by event staff or run the risk of being removed from the Venue.

Al-Tiba9 team, official photographer, Official videographers and and Management Stuff have the right of way at all times.

If you have been issued a ACFW photo credentials, you have a limited, nonexclusive, opportunity to take and use photographs of the Event as long as such use does not imply an endorsement or sponsorship relationship between a third party and Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art, 6th Edition participants, and/or Al-Tiba9’s partners and supporters.

Credentials and permission to take photos and video and will be granted on a case-by-case basis. Requests for permission must include sufficient information to evaluate the request.

Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art reserves the right to grant or take away photography and/or video access at any event for any reason at any time. Failure to follow these rules can and will result in immediate loss of restricted access credentials.


For any further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us at : or +34 666 349 554.