OPENING EXHIBITION 28.09.2013, 19:00H

Art et Culture Gallery,  05 Didouche Mourad, Algiers ALGERIA

Al-Tiba9 Algiers 2013

28.09.2013 to 15.10.2013

International Exhibition of Contemporary Art

Guest Gallery



Kir Royal Gallery - Valencia/Madrid, Spain

Since its opening, the gallery aims to reflect the art of our time, adapting to the public’s concerns and continuous changes in the art sector.

The gallery is formed by a team of national and international artists, including young and mid-career artists who work with different languages and techniques. As a line of action, the gallery focuses on promoting, disseminating and managing Spanish projects abroad and enriching the national program with various international collaborations: museums, art institutions or projects with other galleries.


EXHIBITION : Al-Tiba9 Algiers 2013

Al-Tiba9 International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, is an exhibition that plays with the impossible where complexity equates with simplicity and the organic so the actual can "be". Simplifying is not reducing because with some letters we can write an infinity of stories.

An exhibition curated by algerian curators. It is an artistic collective with the approach of seizing in a particular and intuitive way the social reality.

Asswad's Method consists of creating an interface between art and society. For this reason the collective established an urban dialect; this was created by artistic actions that took place in public spaces. It does not claim to give answers but in fact it is about of giving the interrogations, an affirmation.


Kir Royal Gallery Artists

Fernando Bayona (Spain)

Cristina Otero (Spain)

Filippos Tsitsopoulos (Greece)

Independent Artists

Mo' Mohamed Benhadj (Algeria)

Abdou Cheref (Algeria)

Mazia Djab (Algeria)

Meriem Laghouati (Algeria)

Nassim Ouafek (Algeria)

Igotz Ziarreta (Spain)

Performance Live

Mo' Mohamed Benhadj (Algeria)


main Exhibition

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