Sasha Frolova (Russia)

Performance Art, Sculpture

Born in 1984, Moscow, Russia. Lives and works in Moscow.

Graduated an art-school by Stroganov's Moscow Higher College of Art and Industry, 2002. National Design Institute by Union of Designers, the department of graphic design, 2004-2008. Graduated the course "New art strategies", speciality "contemporary art", Institute of Contemporary Art Problems, 2006.

Provides artistic practice in the field of performance art and sculpture. Author of "Aquaaerobika" project, synthesizing performance art and electronic music. Represented her projects in London, UK: 291 Gallery, Whitechapel Gallery, Riflemaker Gallery, Russian winter Festival Trafalgar square; in Hamburg, Germany: Kampnagel; in San Sebastian: MID_E Festival; in France: Program of Vitra Design Museum; in Kiev, Ukraine: Gogolfest; in Moscow: State Shusev's Museum of Architecture, NCCA, Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

The finalist of the Kandinsky Prize 2009 in the “Young Artist. Project of the Year” nomination and represented by Gallery.

Finalist of ARTE LAGUNA PRIZE 12.13, Arsenale, Venice. Winner of Special Prize “Personal exhibition”.





Sasha Frolova - AQUAAEROBIKA

Sasha Frolova - AQUAAEROBIKA

Sasha Frolova - AQUAAEROBIKA

AQUAAEROBIKA - Performance art

Aquaaerobika is a project synthesizing art-performance and electronic music, Electro-pop, 8bit, disco-house music and futuristic inflatable costumes from latex are mixed in a vivid spectacular pop-art show. Dancers in avant-garde Bauhas-style costumes with huge inflatable decorations and objects look rather like a live sculptures and turn the whole show in one moving sculpture.

Aquaaerobika's author is Moscow based artist - Sasha Frolova. She presents herself in the show as a virtual singer, animated style character of universal superwoman from the future with ultra-abilities. The plot of the show is an endless travel through parallel worlds of future.



Official music video by AQUAAEROBIKA 2015 created by SOUP production

Concept & Idea: Sasha Frolova, Marina Lukanina Director: Marina Lukanina, Sviatoslav Kozlov Producer: Sviatoslav Kozlov Vocals,.Costumes and scenery: Sasha Frolova Music: Kenmee Cameraman: Vasiliy Shirokiy, Maksim Kirunin, Konstantin Kolesnikov, Artem Sadovnikov Camera assist and dolly: Artem Gossman Clapperbordgirl: Margarita Utesheva Editor and post production: Marina Lukanina Graphic design: Sasha Frolova , Anna Semykina Projection: Pavel Marakov Backstage: Evgeniy Piven, Anyuta Durik, Vladimir Lopanov Dancers: Vitaliy Ignatenko, Vladislav Shubert, Sasha Mamon, Ildar Rahimov, Ilya Shekeladze, Vika Kogay, Ilgiza Ka, Phillipp Dobuzhinskiy, Nickolai Gorshkov Assistants: Alla All, Alexandr Tikhonov, Alexey Ionov, Valery Digilov, Viacheslav Pavlenko, Luba Matveychuk


Sasha Frolova - Miraclescope

MIRACLESCOPE - Inflatable sculpture

Miraclescope sculpture is a fantastic device allegedly defining the miracle and the degree of its manifestation. It is a fantasy on a theme of how such optical machine for the detection, measuring and registration of the miracle parameters could look like. It's shape resembles optical distortions, reflections and refractions. Transparent parts symbolize lenses and oculars. It is something between the telescope and the microscope, but the system of lenses is situated not inside of the device, but is the device itself. This sculpture continues the theme of the "Psionics" series – theme of the fictional mechanisms, which use in their work the superpowers of the human consciousness and psyche.


Sasha Frolova - Miraclescope

Sasha Frolova - Miraclescope

Wave - Inflatable sculpture


Sasha Frolova - Bow

Bow - Inflatable sculpture

Live performance

Main exhibition

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