Al-Tiba9 Art Mazagine

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Al-Tiba9 Art Magazine is an independent artist-run international publication that showcases experimental and progressive contemporary art, reflecting modern society and its environment, provoking conversation and action; fostering innovation and diversity of mediums which make today’s art scene so intriguing.

Al-Tiba9 Mag covers photography, paintings, visual art, music, film and performance. Al-Tiba9 Mag covers Artists with a primary focus on contemporary visual art reflecting modern society and its environment.

The magazine includes features on art for artists from around the globe, it aims to give the spotlight and to provide a unique art space for artists. Unlike gallery spaces, it aims also to create a space where individual artists can freely express themselves and become media themselves and engages the selected artists with our readers and followers every day through our social media, website and print and digital issues.