The transgression thus implies the capacity of the man who has to act in good conscience. This power to act was theorizes by several thinkers of the oriental world. The East here set in the broad sense. This logic of the action is the one of the third - introduced and understood by the thought that by the notion of the various levels of reality. It is a logic of complexity and freedom. We can explain the third - inclu and its complexity as this: when a phenomenon occurs, becomes updated, he passed from a potential state to a current state but an opposite event the one who did not become updated is potentiality that is he exists in the updated phenomenon. There is thus relativity, a contradiction to be perceived, to be understood and to be exceeded it is the third term which allows this overtaking, to reach another level of reality because it is there that this one is.

Ibn Arabi explains us that it is necessary to see and to understand the contradictions and the tensions contained in names. The word has to join the thing. It is necessary to consider the phenomenon differently, to perceive the various levels of reality which makes him, to go beyond the misleading appearances, to reach the veiled reality, somewhere else, according to the personal capacity, to activate the lumiére of the intellect.