Zhestkov Studio is a digital art and design studio founded by media artist and director Maxim Zhestkov with partners in 2015.
The Studio works on the intersection of art, design and computer graphic and developing new forms of moving images for clients around the globe including Adobe, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, LG, PlayStation, Nike, Under Armour, Jimmy Choo etc.
In the endless pursuit of new visual languages and with the passion for design, technology, architecture, science and fashion, Zhestkov Studio is producing an art film each season along with its commercial work. Zhestkov personal art projects got a huge exposure and were exhibited in galleries and public spaces all over the world.


Elements - Art Film

Elements is an experimental art film by Maxim Zhestkov about nature, physics, art and love. More than 2 billion elements / particles governed by tensions and forces of nature were used to tell stories and show emotions through the motion of collective behavior.
The film is a trial to explore the idea that everything around us and inside us is made from simple elements / blocks which can be arranged in complex relationships and become compound structures. We could project this idea into emotions, behaviours, thought processes, relationships, life, planets and the universe.

Design / Animation / Sound by Maxim Zhestkov.

Volumes -Art Film

Volumes is a 4K Full CG art film by Maxim Zhestkov exploring the juxtaposition of emotions with the laws of nature. Billions of colourful particles dance, play and communicate with each other in an eternal hypnotic ballet governed by the invisible forces.

Layers - Art Film

Layers is a 4K digital art film directed by Maxim Zhestkov exploring the juxtaposition of the outside and inside. Computer-generated dark and brutal geometric monoliths are dissected by invisible 3D objects to reveal the layers of the colourful and emotionally vibrant inner structures. At the intersections of the shapes we encounter complex structures which could be perceived as 3D representations of objects within a 4D universe.

After the previous art films’ foray into the territory of imaginary gallery spaces (Elements and Volumes), Maxim decided to push further and explore the possibilities of impossible sculptures as the main character for this project.

Layers is the fourth film in the series which Maxim launched in 2017. Maxim has committed to producing one film each season for the rest of his life along with commercial projects in his studio - Zhestkov.Studio - to express his thoughts, ideas and vision and to explore new boundaries of digital art