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Valentina Ferrandes (Italy)

Filmmaker and Visual Artist

Valentina Ferrandes is an experimental filmmaker and media artist from southern Italy, living in London and Berlin.

She holds a degree in Humanities from Bologna University and a BA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art and Design. 

Interweaving text, sound and archive footage, with a documentary approach to image making, her films and immersive sound works explore issues of displacement as related to geography, landscape and architecture.

Her works are screened internationally in festivals such as Visions du Reel, European Media Art Festival Osnabruck, DokuFest  Kosovo, Cairo Video Festival, Rencontres Internationales, Alchemy Moving Image Festival, MACRO Rome, 5th Moskow Biennale, Bardo National Museum.




the oyster effect

Mo' Mohamed Benhadj - God Will Know His Own

Mo' Mohamed Benhadj - God Will Know His Own


The Oyster Effect - Video Art

Starting from excerpts of archive footage shot by the anthropologist De Martino during his first research on the dancing rituals of Tarantism in Southern Italy, “The Oyster Effect” develops into a collage of historical references as fragmented narratives over a visual journey. In the film, the portrayal of women and hysteria is shown as a series of parallels between built environments, architectural spaces, landscapes and their narration. The viewer travels through foreign languages and non-descriptive locations, in a journey that challenges linearity and historicism. The attempt to bridge the specific representations of women’s subjectivity as products of their cultural environments, in the north and southern Europe, is persistently negated by the conflicting relation between image and voiceover.

SEE HERE A PART OF : The Oyster Effect


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