Sara Sambola has graduated from the Superior School of Music of Catalonia (ESMUC, 2013-2018) in the specialty of Flamenco Singer. She performed on stage from the very first time when she was 17 and since then she has dedicated her whole life to music. Her versatility as an interpreter (she easily switches from the most deep flamenco to the purest soul style, including jazz or bossanova) has led her to perform in important national theaters and festivals. She is currently the lead singer of the Mediterranean fusion group AGARTHA FLAMENCO and is also the lead singer of her new project, DOPAMINE, with whom she is about to release her first album and where she also begins her career as a composer.

Oveja Negra - خروف أسود

4:00, Music Film, 2019

Oveja Negra symbolizes the transformation of someone different from the mass that feels uncomfortable in society. By unifying the everyday modern life with ancient and sacred tradition it’s then possible to experience a new reality, where the magic begins and where things around us start to make sense. The video is making constant references to opposite concepts such as modern and old, sacred and profane, dream and reality. So does the music: digital sounds and modern Spanish singing are mixed with the traditional Egyptian song Enta Omri of Oum Kulthoum. All these two sides unified finally lead us to true awareness and reality.