Mazia Djab (Algeria)

Photographic Art




“Meditation on the kittens of wisdoms” of Ibn Arabi

Perception of the Immanence of the transcendence where flows the creative imagination.

Mazia Djab - Meditation on the kittens of wisdoms


Mazia Djab - Meditation on the kittens of wisdoms

Plato associates this rise with "the art of understanding the divine will through the signs erected in the world"; But one can not acheive a true "TA-WILL" without associating it with the perfectibility of the being, because the names contain within themselves their opposites in the receptacle, and the phenomenon (text, symbol) must also be understood by the Personal, spiritual, and creative energy (the Himma) that informs the matter (form) through intuition to unveiling.

The "Himma" carries within the names, it is the powering organization with the reason that allows the act.

It is only by this movement, this shake of being and thought, that the creative imagination can attain the sign (aya). We need, then; an ethical method (the perfect being), scientific and hermeneutic to go back and "save the phenomenon" in the sense that Henry Corbin understood it: "the name must rejoin the entity, that being undertakes this odyssey. This real unveiling makes it possible to understand the thing as it is in itself and to attain its unity (TA-WID), the authentic science where the obstacles of contradiction are overcome (Barzakh); It is the moment when one joins the imaginary where are situated the images, the archetypes, the ideas of the world. The world of representations (manthal).

 The TA-WILL for Ibn Arabi is the concept that makes possible to dissect, to know the reality of the thing and its destiny. "He goes from the coarse exterior to the subtle interior" to grasp its meaning, its truth; TAWID is the unit.


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