Mazia Djab (Algeria)

Photographic Art




Mazia Djab - Jihad

These pictures were taken throughout an action that took place in one of Algiers main Avenues “Didouche Mourade”. This act was done to observe if individuality has its place in the Algerian society. The performers were to act spontaneously within their beings. The clothes were not casted or prepared, the energy and purpose of this act was completely free. It was for us a nice surprise to witness that during the act, the space around us was transforming into a positive energy. 

Mazia Djab - Barzakh

This work is about investing a space, a place and to liberate it, to make something else, to reveal in a determine laps of time; to create a large range of possibilities with all the utopian hope that can engender the future.

The “Casbah” is an intimate and precious space; detaining all of the secrets. It is a poetic space where passing by the surreal we can reach hyperrealism. The imagination is at the service of reasoning, of its history and its future.

Mazia Djab - Ta_will

This work has as theme “The Imaginary”, imposed itself naturally after the individuality idea. How can one manifest itself in a better way? If it’s not by the BIAIS of the imaginary. It permits the elaboration of our thoughts and our representation to extract essential abstract thoughts necessary for creation, from our memory and our understanding. Human has to unceasingly reinvent himself: its component, its wonders, its determination and its conditions.


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