Mahsa AliKhani (Iran)

Photographic Art

Born in 1981 in Tehran, where she received a degree in Architecture and Photography. Focusing on sociocultural issues and employing a degree of irony, Alikhani’s works bridge reality and imagination. "I materialise my imaginations as realities, and then I take their photos ... my work is a means for the realisation of thoughts that have no other way of being expressed." Solo exhibitions: "Kate Moss Family", Ax Gallery, Berlin 2016; "Two Seconds before Occurrence", Homa Art Gallery, Tehran 2015; "Kate Moss Family", Homa Art Gallery, Tehran 2013. Group exhibitions: The 9th Fadjr International Festival of Visual Arts, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran 2017; Daegu photo biennale, South Korea 2016; A Glance at the Iranian Contemporary Photography, Tehran 2016; "Joyland", Mehrva Art Gallery, Tehran 2014; "Art for peace", Mohsen Gallery, Tehran 2014; 4th edition of Persbook, Iranian art forum, Tehran 2013




kate Mos Family

Mahsa Alikhani - Kate Mos Family 1

Mahsa Alikhani - Kate Mos Family 6

Mahsa Alikhani - Kate Mos Family 5

Mahsa Alikhani - Kate Mos Family 8

Kate Mos Family - Photographic art

These are not photographs if “photos”are supposed to be considered as embodiment of reality on a paper surface; they are actually a kind of medium abusage of photography as an easy intermediary for making grotesque; such as what has been started from Joel-Peter Witkin and continued by Tim Walker and then David Lachapelle.
The series “ I’m from Kate Moss family” – which I’ve tried to mention to fake essence of reality in-reminds Kate to me. It is started from 2011 with still lifes; and as Kate Moss is famous because of her illusive fashion pictures in the word of advertising.
I picked up all fake stuffs around; but something went wrong then and it was about the artifices and not having relation to my own life, but it was not the end of story, actually it was the beginning when I realized the main obstacle is nothing but me, I was the fake!! So I made changes in my attitudes and achieved what you are looking at now. The “me” who is in an aquarium full of relations. by Mahsa Alikhani

Main Exhibition

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