Luca Rossini was born in Rome in 1979, a master degree in Biomedical Engineering and a PhD in Advanced Neuroprosthesis, Luca never stopped nurturing his love for photography, until when, in 2012, his photo-blog raised the attention of international companies such as Sony and Italian magazines such as “L’Espresso” and Vogue. In 2013, Rossini resigned from his permanent position as a scientific coordinator for an Italian private research company and started doing photography full-time. Since then his work has been published on paper in national and international magazines such as “Vogue Italia”, “L’Espresso”, “Inside Art”, “Emerging Photographer”, and “Sole 24 Ore”; online national magazines such as “La Repubblica” and “Vogue Italia” published several of his works, while the “World Photography Organization” website hosted two of his interviews. Luca Rossini is a regular contributor of the international Fuji-oriented photography blog “Fuji Love”, with more than 33k followers. His work has been exhibited in Italy and abroad in personal and collective exhibitions, with his latest exhibition, with the series Anthropocene, exhibited in Barcelona.

Free the naids

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This project is after the awful removal of Waterhouse’s Pre-Raphaelite painting in the famous Manchester Art Gallery censorship episode (when Museum’s curator felt too “embarrassed” to show Waterhouse’s painting in the gallery), “Free the Naiads!” project addresses the inner and spontaneous female sensuality and reflects on the futility of hiding or caging it.

In this vision, I see the plastic of the covering and the smoke of dust and abandonment transforming into liquid water, in which the Naiads can swim and swirl again.

The project “Free the Naiads!” daydreamingly depicts the liberation of the seven naiads originally portrayed in Waterhouse’s painting, and is composed of several distinct chapters.