Giuliana Bellini (Italy)

Installation & Sculpture

Giuliana was born in Castel d'Ario (MN) she has her studio in Milan where she lives and works.
1974 - professional ceramist certificate, at the Cova school in Milan. 1982 - 1986 - she attended the course of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan under the guidance of Prof. G. Ortelli graduated in 1986 with a thesis in engraving on A. Burri, under the guidance of prof. A. Occhipinti. 1987 - she followed the course of Engraving Techniques in the summer courses at the International Graphics School of Borgholm, Sweden. Later, in 1993 - 1996 - she did "Artist's Book", "Serigraphy", "Xylography", "Bulino", "Advanced and Experimental Techniques", pressol the International School of Graphics in Venice and enrolled in ENAP, 2006 - Graduated at the two-year specialist course in Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milan 1990 - 2008 - teaches Engraving Techniques at the CFP of the City of Milan
She exhibits in Italy and abroad since 1974 and collaborate with several museums and galleries.





4th Edition Al-Tiba9 Algiers 2016

Giuliana Bellini - Invasion

Giuliana Bellini - Invasione

Invasion - Installation & Sculpture

The work "Invasion" occupies the majority of the space, it is an installation which captures visitors' attention, first with the visual impact of an unexpected surface and then with the excitement and wonder that create the sight of the balloons.
The artist imagines a form of life that settles and multiplies by invading the space itself, the balloons glued to the ground burst occasionally in a joyous din, or sometimes take off to other spaces.
What happens has become a real invasion, where the presence of balloons invade Bardo Museum.


Bardo National Museum of Algiers

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