Faraz Habiballahian

Faraz Habiballahian

Faraz Habiballahian (Iran)


Faraz Habiballahian was born in 1989 graduated from Azad university in architecture. Since he's entered the university he started to be accustom with nature photography and a little later he went to Italy to continue studying and faced a new world of photography and started to have exhibition in cafes and the following year he entered to the biggest art festival in Venice called “Arte laguna” and also he took part in a group exhibition so he entered a new course in photography . In 2012 he came back to Iran and founded an exhibition called “Flown bird” .
His exhibition took place in many countries such as Russia, Japan , Italy, England, German, Switzerland , France , Spain , Oman , Tajikistan and united state.
His honor is founding 3 personal exhibitions and Many group exhibition and his works have shown in Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art and louvre museum .
At the moment he is collecting some new photo collections and producing movie and hope he will be more successful in the future.




Human pocket superior to his body

Faraz Habiballahian - Human is superior than his pocket

Human pocket superior to his body - Photography

You start asking some questions, somewhere that pervious answers aren’t sufficient. Nothing matches. It is farmer dimensions, which surprise you. You search... The charge in perspective is so high which everything is different and you ask yourself and search for something new, what is more important.

In which page can I find it? Who am I? Who heart me from my inner?

I search but it does not exist any more, there is no answer. You have to accept that since now you should continue with out asking and you couldn’t live in your own life anymore. You should change your self and face to the real world and you should change and review this poetry with you self. Human pocket is superior to his body ...and exactly these Clothes make the man.
(Saadi was one of the major Persian poets, and the main poem is human body is superior to his pocket ... Clothes don’t make the man).

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