Al-Tiba9 Contemporary_Arab_Fashion_Show_Barcelona-Farahourani_Photo by_Iruii_Ladukto


FARAHOURANI's design will focus on responsive designs; they are hybrids of Past and Future materials, tailoring techniques and silhouettes. Featuring digital and hand drawn illustrations, Japanese patternmaking techniques, hand embroidery and beading, and finished with traditional tailoring.

This experiment is inspired by nature's organic forms and texture. Brought to life with a state of art technology, fabrication and advanced computation in an attempt to bring garments to life using smart and unconventional materials.



Farahourani is a fashion line that was established by the young and talented Farah Hourani, Lives in Amman JORDAN. Graduated from London College of Fashion. Finalist of Fashion Star Arabia by the breath-taking, American-libanese designer "Reem Acra" in Dubai.Starting at the age of 15, and at 17, She had her own fashion show held in Jalouse in London. Farah has studied at one of the most reputable fashion colleges; London College of Fashion. Hourani has chosen a certain style and redesigned it to create her own in an Arab modern way using a good dose a transparency and laser cuts.

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