Fabrizio Milani (1988) lives and works between Varese and Milan. He graduated in Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and currently attends the NABA in Milan. He creates installations, architectures and sculptures in which myths and characters from the theatrical and circus imagery are traced, they create reflections on the dynamic relationship between living beings. Influenced by the philosophy of Hans-Georg Gadamer and Guy-Ernest Debord, he structures his research on the themes of authenticity by unhinging games without rules and in an attempt to defuse the hidden codes of existence. Among the latest exhibitions and projects we recall "Circostanze Urbane - Atto I" (Milan, 2018); "Il Terzo Uomo" (Varese, 2017); "Vox Clamantis" (Milan, 2016), "In Linea d’Aria" (Rome, 2016).



2017, Installation

The Stage series is the artist's formalization of the Game concept. The Game - which is intended as what moves the real, is not produced by the players but the game itself that is produced through them - has no rules, and this lack of rules deprives the concept of Game itself.

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