Corneli has always worked with and on light: over the years he has gone through different stages of research keeping a strong consistency of content and form. The light in his installations emerges from the darkness, constantly communicates with the shadow, it is a living presence that changes with the weather and the eye of the beholder. The light, immaterial element par excellence, becomes moldable material in the hands of Corneli, who works in an almost sculptural, until it becomes a real presence, tangible, a concretization of the dream and imagination. Born in Florence in 1958, Corneli starts young age his artistic research through the mathematical discipline of semiotics. Since the eighties, it is outlined the theme of the dialogue between light and shadow as the cornerstone of his research. An increasingly lively dialogue that allows the entry of another major factor in his work: time. His works - often solar installations in public spaces - are apparitions that occur in a given time / space and disappeared from view, while continuing to be present, and reappear again in certain atmospheric conditions.

In front of his works it’s required to await, contemplate and do not rush; a very different formula to use the swirling rhythms to which the media and technological subjects bombing us from the postmodern era. The works of Corneli are an opportunity to get in touch with our imagination, with our inner world, to reclaim the time.