Dimitris Dokos was born in 1984, in Athens. He studied graphic design in AKTO, as well a architectural design. He is self-taught and his work can be encountered in the streets of Athens, as he used to be a street artist. Since 2011 he has been presenting his work in various exhibitions. Dimitris became famous through his art collection that portrayed a scarab as a main theme. The artist combines the scarab motif with numerous ideograms. Dimitris Dokos, through his scarabs sets aside the “bug” aspect of the scarab and creates a visual language that is similar to hieroglyphics to emphasize the past and not the future. What is truly remarkable in Dokos works is the synthesis of colours and technique where every symbol is unique and not repeated in the painting, Dimitris also tells a story that is perceived differently by the audience. The surrealistic aesthetics hold a very important role in Dokos art and Metamorphosis is his philosophy behind every painting. Through his artwork he transforms the world in his own way that we admire in every single piece of his art.