Alexandra Foffano (Italy)

Contemporary Dance performance

Alexandra Foffano (Venice, Italy) started studying classical and contemporary dance at the Accademia Veneta di Danza e Balletto in Venice, specializing with important masters and choreographers such as Margarita Smirnova, Fabrizio Monteverde, Mia McSwain (Parsons Dance), Wim Wanderkeibus, Brock Labrenz (The Forsiythe Company) , Eugenio Buratti. She works for the Teatro Greco-Roma, Teatro Nuovo-Ferrara, Teatro di Mirano and for the associations Soledonna, Friends of the Venice Carnival and for the casino of Kraniska Gora, as a dancer and choreographer. She also studied at the American Ballet Theater School in New York and successfully completed the ABT PrePrimary-level 3 certification. Alexandra is a choreographer and guest teacher of classical dance classes, contemporary dance and Floor-Barre®.

She has been performing several times in It's Liquid projects in Venice and ArtExpo exhibitions and many other international contemporary events.




Evolve to die

Alexandra Foffano - Evolve to Die

Mo' Mohamed Benhadj - God Will Know His Own

Evolve to Die - Dance performance (video)

"Evolve to Die" is a choreography created by Alexandra Foffano, based on evolving stages of life.
Starting from the innocent child, who opens her eyes to the world ("Children" - Valentina Ceccato), lost her innocence, she becomes an adolescent ("Teenager" - Anna Zavan) looking gor new experiences to taste. In present time there isn't a direct transition from adolescence to adulthood but there's an intermediate stage: youth ("Young" - Ilaria Buccigrossi) in which there is a tension on growth but the young woman is as trapped, entangled in her fault and those of society. Then comes the adult: after many experiences she finds her balance despite all the undertakings ("Adult" - Sofia Fiume), the evolution ends with the old ("Old" - Alexandra Foffano) she is conscious of being at an end now, she is tired, sick, but happy.
On the death of the elderly, society rushes ("Selfish"). It soon tired and everyone return to think to himself. In the end, however, everybody come to the same conclusion...


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