Founded by Arab algerian curator in 2013 in Algeria and exhibited at Bardo National Museum of Algiers.


Al-Tiba9 international contemporary art dedicated to the visual arts, in particular painting, sculpture, photography, video & net art and performance. Al-Tiba9 is an Algerian art fair curated by independent Algerian curator. 


Transgression permits the liberation of the creative energies of which man is the agent (trans-gression therefore implies the ability of man to act in all consciousness, Hannah Arendt). This power to act has been theorized by several thinkers of the Eastern world. The East here took a broad sense. This logic of action is that of the third-included (trans) introduced and understood by thought only by the notion of the diferent levels of reality. It is a logic of complexity and freedom. One can explain the third-inclusive and its complexity like this:

When a phenomenon occurs, actualizes, it has passed from a potential state to a current state but the opposite event that which has not been actualized is Potentiality, that is to say that it exists in the actualized phenomenon. There is therefore relativity, a contradiction to be perceived, understood and surpassed. It is the third term that will allow this passing, to reach another level of reality because it is there that it is. Ibn Arabi explains that we must see and understand the contradictions and tensions contained in names. The word must rejoin the thing (ta-will). We must look at the phenomenon diferently, perceive the diferent levels of reality that compose it, go beyond deceitful appearances to reach the veiled reality, elsewhere, according to its personal capacity (himma), to activate the Light of the intellect. Ibn Arabi calls them degrees of hierarchy of being (levels of reality) that allow access to the third-included (hidden treasure).

At this time, the being discerning several points of view (plurality of the phenomenon) must undertake this perilous ascent, so attention must be awakened. This lucidity is obtained only by working on the ego, on the perfectibility of being (the perfect being), on a knowledge of oneself and of the world. "The untrained man stays on the level of immediate intuition, he does not have an eye open and does not see what is at his feet, his vision and grasp remain subjective, he does not see the thing, He makes a precipitate judgment based on a nilateral point of view, lets the real concept of the thing, the other points of view, escape the mark of a cultivated man and he will be aware of the limits of his attitudes to judge His knowledge is disinterested because the desire to draw some utilities from things has resulted in their destruction. It is a question of seeing things in their living independence deprive of the petty and stunted character imposed on them by selfish circumstances.the universal, Is the gaze on the real, the thing in its truth, out of all interest, it defnes authentic culture "(Georges Steiner). This realization, of course, is achieved only by a supreme effort of being immersed in an ocean of uncertainties and obstacles. (If no obstacle prevents your race, the race is quite impossible, all the efforts that you infant destroy one another with equal power but on the other hand the necessary obstacle realized (the third- Included), drinks your fatigue and parsimoniously concedes to you the space in time. This is the choice of a form and the delicate act of the artist because it is the form of taking to the obstacle what It is necessary to advance but not to take what prevents the least mobile Paul. This third-party logic invalidates duality and linear causality. Man, freed from preconceived opinions, from his deceptive ego, has access to another dimension of his being; he leaves his empirical dimension; he can
bring forth evidence (intuition) concealed within the hidden, to bring forth the invisible In the visible. This capacity, this organ of the mind: it is the creative imagination which corporealises the trans-sensible realizations, it makes it possible to distinguish the real from the nothing, to reach the third-inclusive (the hidden treasure), the imagination Of the real, the imaginary world of the theophanies. Epiphany is a manifestation of hidden reality. All true knowledge is an epiphany of the image so dear to the creator.

The acquisition of this new perception of personal and acting reality is much more complex than these few lines. "Plurality is the condition of human action because we are all alike, that is, human, without anyone being identical with any human having lived, living, or even being born." (Hannah Arendt). It has been well understood that this "seeing and understanding" demands inner freedom, because to grasp conflict, to reconcile opposites is an interminable odyssey or myth and symbol share a good part. But if one is attentive, can realize that these notions are already present in our societies. To finish the journey, to continue the paths of knowledge in the imaginary world, to dream its time, to imagine the following while remaining awake.

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Mo' Mohamed Benhadj - Algiers

Founder & CEO Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art.

Curator, Art advisor & Performance artist.


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Al-Tiba9 ACFW official Photographer.

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