Founded by Arab algerian curator in 2013 in Algeria and exhibited at Bardo National Museum of Algiers, UPF Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona and in the Modern Art Museum of Algeria MAMA.


Al-Tiba9 international contemporary art dedicated to the visual arts, in particular painting, sculpture, photography, video & net art and performance. Al-Tiba9 is an Algerian art fair curated by independent Algerian curator. 


Transgression allows the liberation of the creative energies whose agent is the human. This power of act has been theorized by several thinkers of the Eastern and Western world.

This logic of action is introduced and understood only by the notion of the different levels of reality. It is a logic of complexity and freedom, the transgression of the metaphysical order, which conceived the image as an intermediary between visible and invisible, between body and soul, between here and there.

The great Sufi theorist Ibn Al-Arabi explains that we must see and understand the contradictions and tensions contained in names. It is necessary that the word joins the thing and to perceive the different levels of reality which compose it. It would be a transgression to overcome the limit of the present, to go beyond appearances, to access the hidden reality, the light of the intellect. Ibn Al-Arabi calls these levels the degrees of hierarchy of the being. According to the Sufi mystic, Jalal al-Din Mohammad Rumi, when one recognizes the signs of creation by observing and thinking about it, one sees creation as an expression of divine power, thus reaches the love of God. The further we move away from the true center of the religious faith, the more differences and controversies emerge. "We are not going East and West, but rather we are constantly traveling to the Sun" Rumi says.

And in the verse: "And to Allah belongs the east and the west. So wherever you [might] turn, there is the Face of Allah. Indeed, Allah is all-Encompassing and Knowing.” (115) Al-Baqarah, Qoran.

On the other hand, for the great romantic poet Goethe, East and West were not two distinct geographical regions, but rather two poles of the spiritual and cultural world; we must understand the one to understand the other. It is not just a curiosity about the culture of the other, but rather a necessity on which our path depends in the future.

Al-Tiba9 annual editions focuse on light as a manifestation of energy, a principle that makes it possible to reach the phenomenological world, an element of knowledge by getting closer to the center and reach these levels of reality. This transgressive shows emerge between lights and shadows, from here and there, reaching for profound hope but staying rooted in reality.

Who we are


Mo' Mohamed Benhadj - Algiers

Founder & CEO of Al-Tiba9

Curator, Art advisor & Performance artist.


David Torjai - Berlin

Communication Coordinator and Creative Copywriter



Luca Rossini - Rome

Al-Tiba9 official Photographer.

Fashion photographer & Visual artist.


Klara Muranyi - Berlin

Communication Strategist.



Martina Sika - Barcelona

Business&Operation Manager

International business networking.


Barbara Terlizzi - Barcelona

General assistant & Management.

Event Coordinator & Models Management.


Mila Campiña - Barcelona

Backstage Director & Makeup creative.

Director at Make up School by David Molina.


Jonathan Irawan - London

Al-Tiba9 Mag designer

Architect and Computational Designer.