Al-Tiba9 Workshop

Light Sculpture by Massimiliano Moro

ARTIST: Massimiliano Moro

05.10.2019 at 14:30H
Location : Public National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Algiers MAMA. See Map. Subway : Ali Boumendjel.

This Light Sculpture Workshop by Massimiliano Moro aims to connect the public directly to the artwork by creating a new one as a group. The participant work directly on the original installation of the artist, seeing firsthand how it's made and how changing elements could modify the perception of the space.

During this workshop, it is allowed to touch, move and change the colors and shapes of the original artwork until a new equilibrium is generated by the work of each participant. In this way the barrier between the public and artist disappears completely.

14:30H - 15:00H Accreditation
15.00 -15.15 Introduction to light art.
15.15 -15.45 Geometry on light and shadows | Mixing light colors | Simmetry and transparency
15.45 -16.15 Group practice on the original artwork.
16.15 -16.30 Coffee break
16.30 -16.45 Individual practice
16.45 -17.00 (How to) disassemble a Light artwork.
17.00 -17.45 Create a brand new artwork together
17.45 -18.00 Final picture: how to take pictures of LED light


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