Meng Chih TEDx Speaker and 3rd Al-Tiba9 featured artist | How to find your passion and profession in the right time


The outstanding New York based artist 江孟芝 I MengChih Chiang and well known with her project Stranger To Words exhibited at 3rd Al-Tiba9 in Bardo Museum of Algiers, is back again to TEDx Talks as an invited speaker of TedxYouth@SMGHS to give a talk this Saturday about HOW TO FIND YOUR PASSION AND PROFESSION IN THE RIGHT TIME.
Topic : The reason why you never take action.
Speaker : Meng Chiang 
Time : 27.04.2019 12:30 - 17:00
Venue : Stella Matutina Girl's High School, Taichung, Taiwan 

In a time where uncertainty is imminent in all realms of life, we must be prepared to confront norms, challenge stereotypes, and welcome change. We live in an era where a critical and creative mind is integral in order to defy what the odds tell us, make a different in our world, and take a leap of faith. For some, this might mean a shift in attitude; for others, it might mean a questioning and examination of preconceived notions. Instead of accepting the norm, bold individuals who walk the unlikely path and introduce unlikely ideas find themselves achieving unprecedented outcomes. Those who have bested the probabilities are the leaders, scientists, and innovators who have, in their own way, changed the ways of our world today. In TEDx, we invite those who have met, achieved, conquered, or created “the unlikely” in their fields to share their ideas. Their experiences in the face of the likely in tandem with an active resistance to conformity will inspire our community in facing the personal and global challenges to come.


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江孟芝 I MengChih Chiang (Artist, Author, Educator) Featured in Al-TIba9 3rd Edition in Bardo National Museum of Algiers, NOW as TEDx SPEAKER

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Meng is an award-winning artist, author, and educator based in New York City. Due to her family economic hardship, she began learning art in her childhood by self-teaching. She accepted numerous scholarships from renowned institutes and the Taiwanese government to study abroad. During graduate years in New York, Meng remained financially independent for her tuition and living expenses and has paid off millions of student loan for her master degree at the age of 27. Later she shouldered the financial burden of her parents in Taiwan. Meng has been recognized by many top international awards, and has been invited to exhibit worldwide. She’s been a faculty member in the MFA Computer Arts at the School of Visual Arts in New York since 2016. In 2018, She published her autobiography “The Spirit of Undefeated” which told the story about how she overcame the long-term depression and how she embraced the imperfection in life.



An intercative data visualization of learining experience.