Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Fashion Weekend inspiringly merges fashion and art

Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Fashion Weekend inspiringly merges Fashion Design and Performance art

Four young creators of art and fashion shared their unique visions at the inaugural Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Fashion Weekend (ACFW) in Barcelona on the May 26th, 2018. Al-Tiba9 (الطباق - Oxymoron in Arabic) is dedicated to showcase international art with an Arab focus and is organized as a not-for-profit, collaborative project. The collections and the event were photographed by the Italian fashion photographer and Al-Tiba9 visual artist Luca Rossini.

First, the audience was treated to the new collection of recent New York Fashion Institute of Technology graduates Twins NG2, followed by an intriguing presentation by Prague-based Belarusian designer Al Yakubouskaya.

A short performance piece by Al-Tiba9’s curator, Mo’ Mohamed Benhadj set the tone for the artfully crafted creations of Jordanian designer Farahourani, who studied at the London Fashion Institute and was a finalist on the TV show Fashion Star Arabia curated by Reem Acra. Here, she presented her newest collection, characterized by bold lines and surprising combinations of material. As an experimental representation of Life, her clothes worked together with Mo’ Mohamed Benhadj’s performance, which could be seen as a representation of Death, to bring the dual nature of Al-Tiba9 to the fashion runway.

Finally, Russian artist Roman Ermakov delighted the crowd with his eye-popping “Live Sculptures”, a collection of unique creations of shapes and colors. They were inhabited with great spirit and personality by the young performers, turning the end of the show into an energetic group performance.

This night, Al-Tiba9 has opened an equation where oxymorons have met all together” - says curator Mo’ Mohamed Benhadj about the show.

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About Al-Tiba9

Al-Tiba9 was founded in 2013 by Arab Algerian curator to showcase a range of visual arts from around the world with a particular focus on the Arab Region. After a series of successful exhibitions in Algiers and Barcelona, Al-Tiba9’s founder, the artist and curator Mo’ Mohamed Benhadj started an experiment this year by creating a mix of performance art event and fashion show, the Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Fashion Weekend.

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