Since the first edition of Al-Tiba9 in Algiers 2013, thousands of people have enjoyed this international independent contemporary art event. Until its sixth edition "Al-Tiba9 Barcelona 2018" it has been financed and supported by its curators' personal finance ONLY.

Your generous donations mean that this international exhibition of contemporary art and performance keeps happening in Algiers, Barcelona and possibly even in more arty capitals in the world. Your support would also help us reach more people every year to participate in this community-wide art  event and promote our talented artists even further.

Since 2013, we have funded and exhibited many individual artists through the international editions and collaborations with art galleries. Thanks to this, the artists are making more art, getting more visibility in an international established art scene and so much more. Your support of Al-Tiba9 has a direct impact on individual artists in the world, and every donation counts!

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We believe that Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art can be held for many future editions and at many different venues and also to pass it from generation to another, but this event doesn’t happen without support from businesses and people like you.


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